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Breast Cancer patient, Rhoda Tate Testimonial (Last Contact 10/14)

Rhoda has been a patient at Century Wellness Clinic since 2003. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001. In 2003, she got very sick with her conventional cancer treatments and could not do easy chores. While at a health food store she thumbed through a very large book on cancer and found Dr. Forsythe. She rushed to Reno for treatments. She wants to let people know that she is now back in Reno for her yearly treatment and is doing beautifully. She feels fantastic. Rhoda's greatest pleasure is helping her husband with all the chores at their cattle ranch in North Eastern Wyoming. Last contact 10/14. For more information contact Century Wellness Clinic in Reno, Nevada 775-827-0707

Breast cancer patient Linda Kay Testimonial (Last Seen 07/14)

Linda Kay from Monteca, California is back to the clinic for her three month check up and she is happy to report that she is in remission. This vivacious life coach and speaker gives a heart-felt account of her journey with cancer and her treatment at Century Wellness Clinic. Century Wellness Clinic Reno, Nevada 775-827-0707

Prostate cancer patient David Talmage Testimonial (Seen 02/15)

David Talmage from Grandville, MI, like many other patients coming to Century Wellness Clinic from all over the country, did his research. After reading Suzanne Somers book "Knockout" David became more convinced on seeing Dr. James Forsythe to treat his prostate cancer. Seen in 02/15 in stable remission. For more information about the clinic, go to Century Wellness Clinic, 521 Hammill Lane Reno, Nevada 89503, 775-827-0707

Heidi Anderson Testimonial

When Heidi discovered she had stage II breast cancer, she had surgery and radiation. After reading Suzanne Somers' book, " Knockout", Heidi wanted to meet Dr. Forsythe. She believes in the Greek Test and is encouraged and excited about the treatments she had at the clinic. Listen to Heidi and her husband Mike express their feelings about her treatment at Century Wellness Clinic. Heidi is a live and well after five years. For more information see or call 775-827-0707.

Karen shares her blessings that come through adversity

Breast cancer patient Karen Ballard from Marshall, N.C. during her last week of treatments at the clinic reflects on her blessings. Karen, her husband and five children have enjoyed their first trip out West. However, they are looking forward to Thanksgiving with family on their 70- acre farm in the Appalachians. Karen is in a complete remission after four years. Century Wellness Clinic Reno, Nevada 775-827-0707

Brian.. Testimonial

After reading Susanne Somer's book "Knockout" Cancer patient Brian with stage IV prostate cancer from Utah and his family decided that coming to Reno, Nevada for cancer treatment was the best choice. Brian explains how Century Wellness Clinic in Reno, Nevada and Dr. Forsythe is giving him hope. He is over three years in remission. For more information call the Reno clinic at 775-827-0707.

David's testimonial

Prostate cancer patient David from Columbia So. Carolina decides to seek treatment at Century Wellness Center and Dr.James Forsythe after reading Suzanne Somer's book " Knockout". The three week treatment in Reno, Nevada is giving hope to many cancer patients. David's prostate cancer remains in a stable remission as of 2015. After the book got on the shelves in early November 2009, the clinic's phones have not stopped ringing. For more information call 775-827-0707

Mary Kathryn Dunston Testimonial

Mary Kathryn was impressed with Dr. Forsythe's military career. After reading Susanne Somer's book Knockout, she got on a plane from Chicago to Reno right away. Mary Kathryn granted this interview on her last day of the three-week treatment. Listen to her Testimonial and you will see why she chose this form of treatment with Dr. Forsythe and Century Wellness Clinic. Mary Kathryn has been in remission over four years. For more information contact the Reno office at 775-827-1707 -

Cheryl Sharp Testimonial

Cheryl knows she made the right decision to make the trip to Reno from Atlanta Georgia. After discovering she had breast cancer, Cheryl read Suzanne Somer's book "Knockout" and Dr. Forsythe and Century Wellness Clinic was her choice.This determined young women feels she is making positive choices to combat her breast cancer. Cheryl is in a complete remission after four years. For more information call 775-827-0707,Century Wellness Clinic in Reno Nevada. Dr.

Cheryl follow up

see what Cheryl has to say after coming back for a checkup sixteen months after her treatment with Dr. James Forsythe at Reno Nevada's Century Wellness Clinic. Cheryl remains in a stable remission for five years. Call for more information 775-250-4568




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