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Integrative Oncology

James Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D., the leading Integrative Oncologist in the United States


May 17-19, 2013 At the annual IV Therapies 2013 conference, Anaheim , California , James Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D., the leading Integrative Oncologist in the United States was honored by a group of  his professional colleagues for his recognition in the dedication, commitment and contribution for his life time achievement in the treatment of cancer patients.  Pictured from left: James Wm. Forsythe, MD, HMD with Larry Woodhouse, Park IV Compounding



Dr. Forsythe Receives a Lifetime Achievement Award

awardThe Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine presented their Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. James Forsythe for his contributions to the advancement of the art and science of medicine, specifically as it relates to Stage IV cancers.

 Dr. Forsythe believes in serving his country and his community.  For 26 years he served as a member of the regular army and army reserves, retiring as a full colonel and Nevada National Guard State Surgeon.

His active duty included a tour of Vietnam in 1969 as a Major.



April Wellness Newsletter

BEAT The Number One Cancer Killer

lung-cancer Cancer is the leading cause of death in patients 80 years of age. There are more than 1.5 million new cases of cancer from any source in the U.S. yearly. Lung cancer, along with being the number one cancer killer in men in the past 10 years, is also the number one cancer killer in women, surpassing breast cancer previously in that category.

In 2010 there were 81,000 deaths in men, representing 31% of all male cancer deaths and 76,000 deaths in women, representing 26% of all female cancer deaths. In fact death from lung cancer surpasses deaths from breast, colon, and prostate cancer combined.


January Wellness Newsletter

january-1012Healthy Eating.

The importance of proper dietary habits, pH balancing, and proper supplementation cannot be overemphasized as a major weapon which is under the direct control of the patients themselves.

With the advent of chemosensitivity testing, especially from the Good Gene Laboratory in Houston, Texas, we are now able to pinpoint specific recommendations for each patient based on genetic decoding.  These include a list of supplements which will provide the most ammunition to effect the deaths of the "mother stem cells", as well as to fortify the immune system.

 In addition, such recommendations as to whether "soy" products should be included in diets is uncovered and often recommended by these tests.  Soy is a phytoestrogen and as such has been controversial in its use in both breast and prostate cancers.


October Wellness Newsletter

october2011Rationing Oncology Care?

As a cost saving maneuver to cut the cost of entitlement medical costs of Medicare, Medicaid and its soon to be implemented “Obamacare”, subtle rationing measures are already here. Teaching courses for primary care physicians are now telling attendees that if patients are over 50/60/70 there are certain cancer screening tests that are not cost-effective and not indicated. Here are some examples in the Big 4 Cancers.

In Breast Cancer, yearly mammograms after 50 are being reduced to every two years until age 70 to 75, when any screening is being discouraged. Unbelievably Breast-Self- Examinations (BSE) are being down played as of little value even in women over 40 years of age. Also safer diagnostic procedures, which give less radiation exposure such as ultra sounds and MRI’s because of their expense are being discouraged.


August Wellness Newsletter

august2011Integrative Oncology Pursuit of the “CURE”

Chemosensitivity testing on patients’ whole blood samples, to harvest circulating tumor cells (CTC’S), is one of the most important and successful tools used in my medical practice but literally unknown and undiscovered to most conventional oncologists. Extremely Hi-Tech genetic laboratories only available in Germany and Greece do the testing. Now the chemosensitivity testing can be done in the United States. The Korean based laboratory, “Goodgen” is operating out of Houston, Texas. Special handling and packaging kits available through my office as in-patients only.


The Compassionate Oncologist

july2011The overall survival rate for patients with Stage IV cancer receiving chemotherapy was only 2.1% in the United States, and a similar study done in Australia showed only a 2.3% survival rate

It was during my training at UC San Francisco that I discovered how arbitrary the cancer treatment protocols we were learning had already become. Someone would get an idea that we should prescribe a particular drug twice a week for this or that cancer and it should be a standardized dose. Many times there was no scientific evidence behind what they were saying...



June Wellness Newsletter

june2011Never give up and never lose Hope!

Bob began his cancer fight in 2008. While a diagnosis of stage IV Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma did not instill a sense of optimism in our family, we decided to put forth a brave face and allow a “come what may”attitude. We didn’t expect so much “May” to come.

Two weeks after diagnosis and a PET Scan, we received more devastating news. We discovered that cancer had already spread to the lymph nodes in the neck and there was a tumor in his chest. That changed his stage from IV to IVC, which is the last stage of the final stage. There is no stage V! His oncologist said he would be a happy man if he could get Bob even one year, considering how advanced the cancer was and that the average survival time was 6-7 months.



May Wellness Newsletter

may2011.pdfHealing Miracles Live
Interacting with Dr. Forsythe up close and personal with Webinars

Via live Internet connections, people worldwide watched Dr. James W. Forsythe on April 21, 2011, in “Healing Miracles Live--The Future of Medicine.” The compelling and informational Webinar presented by was quickly heralded as a great success. The presentation, which included a live Q&A session, also featured Dr. Hyla Cass, who told viewers how to improve our energy, moods and brain functions. A recorded “on demand” version was available for viewing at until May 18, 2011, and a DVD of the production will be ready to view at CWC in July.



Thusrday April 21

Thursday, April

21 People from around the world watched the web cast


April Wellness Newsletter

april2011Responds to Japan Disaster

Experienced at treating hundreds of people suffering from radiation-caused cancer, James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D., has issued an “Emergency Radiation Medical Handbook” for use in Japan and worldwide.

The 143-page handbook goes on sale April 15 at www. and people from across Japan, the United States and elsewhere already have expressed interest in purchasing the book for themselves, their families and work associates. The publication also will be available through all major bookstores beginning in May.

“Doctor Forsythe responded immediately to urgent requests from around the world to develop this handbook,” said co-author



Alternative medicine on trial

A successful cancer doctor in Reno comes under federal scrutiny for New Age practices. Here’s the story from his point of view.

Dr. James Forsythe practices a type of medicine called “integrative oncology” because it uses aspects of both homeopathic (use of vitamins and supplements) and conventional medicine. He has his conventional degrees in medicine and cancer specialty from the University of California, San Francisco. He studied with the British Institute of Homeopathy before passing his oral and written boards in 1995. He’s been practicing in Reno since 1974, taught at the University of Nevada, Reno medical school, started the cancer wards at Sparks Family Hospital, St. Mary’s, and Washoe Med (now called Renown) and was also head of the Veterans Administration oncology department. He built an impressive practice over those years—and then the Food and Drug Administration came calling, which resulted in one of Reno’s biggest criminal trials of 2007, generating massive media attention, dragging Forsythe’s reputation through the mud and hurting his practice. He was found not guilty in U.S. District Court on Nov. 1. This is an abridged interview, which was conducted in the doctor’s office, 521 Hammill Lane, on Nov. 14, in which he talks about his trial and why the FDA attacks alternative medicine

March Wellness Newsletter

linda_kayDon’t call me a “CANCER SURVIVOR” I’d prefer cancer conqueror.

Please don’t refer to me as a“cancer survivor”—if you need to put a name to it, I’d prefer cancer conqueror. Yes! According to Doctor Forsythe, I’m in full remission now after having found a lump (the size of a walnut) in my right breast just 10 months ago. However, I do not care to give cancer such power by thinking I had to survive it or be it’s victim. People don’t say they are a “victim” of the flu or that they are a pneumonia “survivor.”No! You simply get over the flu or pneumonia, so why not the same for cancer?



Dr. Forsythe and Century Wellness Clinic is being featured to Public Television affiliates in all fifty States

DrforsytheIn August 2010, a crew from Insight Productions, with headquarters in Florida was on hand to film a short documentary project with Century Wellness Clinic, featuring Dr. James Forsythe as the principle spokesperson.


February Wellness Newsletter

february2011A gift of Love Powerful resolutions for the rest of your life

Patients at the clinic are enamored by Dr. Maged Maged. Many patients tell us that meeting with Dr. Maged is the highlight of their day. His words to patients and family members provide them with encouragement and hope,both while they are at the clinic and upon their return home.



January Wellness Newsletter

january2011At the start of a New Year, who doesn’t want to experience the fresh start of turning over a new leaf? Whether you are just starting your cancer battle or persevering in the fight, here are 10 resolutions you may want to consider adopting for 2011.Each of these resolutions, provided by Dr. Maged H. Maged of Century Wellness Clinic, will serve you wellin your quest to live the longest,healthiest, most loving life you can.
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