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The Compassionate Oncologist

Hot on the heels of a runaway best-selling book “Knockout,” by Suzanne Somers that praises his nontraditional cancer treatment methods, Dr. James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D., shocks the medical industry again here—blowing the lid off the techniques used most often by standard cancer specialists to combat the disease. As cancer rates nationwide continue soaring to record-high levels, Forsythe reveals insider secrets on why only a handful of integrative medical oncologists such as himself practice in the United States. Do you realize that many standard oncologists know that certain cancer treatments including some chemotherapy regimens are likely to fail, but they never tell you this beforehand? Why is the rate of cancer skyrocketing, and what should you do if diagnosed with the disease?

Dr. Forsythe gives mind-blowing recommendations that many cancer specialists hope that you will never know about.


The Emergency handbook

Along with your family, you’re in extreme danger of radiation sickness likely to cause cancer or death. Our government’s Department of Homeland Security warns that it’s not a question of “if” an attack will occur— but rather “when.” Meantime, many experts worry the danger from nuclear reactors has intensified, while radiation from natural sources poses a significant additional threat.

James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D., heralded as perhaps the world’s only Integrative medical oncologist who has treated hundreds of people suffering from radiation-caused cancer, issued this vital publication in response to urgent public requests.


Discover risks and rewards, of everything from diets to toxins

For complete and in-depth details on following these good lifestyle paths, get Dr. Forsythe’s book, “Your Secret to the Fountain of Youth ~ What they don’t want you to know about HGH human growth hormone.”

The book describes in detail why we age, plus a variety of methods to safely delay or stall signs of the body’s maturing process—everything from wrinkles to excess body fat. To maintain good health or to put yourself on track for recovery, Dr. Forsythe’s book teaches  the intricacies of everything from vitamins and diet, to appropriate exercise habits and even toxins that you should avoid.


From Suzanne Somers' book, ”Knockout”, Chapter 9:

Dr. James Forsythe is a Renaissance man in the area of cancer treatment. He is a board-certified oncologist and also a board-certified homeopath, which makes for an interesting mix of Western and alternative medicines. The combination of the two allows Dr. Forsythe to be extremely creative in his approach to cancer. He is an integrative oncologist providing, in his words, “the best of what both worlds have to offer.” Today, Dr. Forsythe enjoys a successful career as a medical oncologist who utilizes alternative treatments, and patients flock to him from all over the world for his cutting edge treatments. -Suzanne Somers

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Breakthrough_Updated Dr. Forsythe is the only physician in Nevada to be recommended in her best seller on Anti Aging. Suzanne Somers wrote the forward for his book on HGH.

Read about Dr. Forsythe’s success stories in Chapter 9.

Dr. Forsythe’s approach to cancer tends to be multimodal. As such, he will sometimes combine chemotherapy in safe doses with homeopathic remedies and nutritional herbal and immune-stimulating therapies. Each of his modalities, either alone or in combination, can have a direct impact on hose mechanisms that bolster a person’s anticancer defenses.
healing-powere The world’s more than 6 billion people desperately crave and desire sleep, as instinctively as they want shelter, companionship, sex and food. For all of us, the nagging question remains, “Why does the body need deep rest, and how can we prevent ourselves from suffering fates similar to those of Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and countless others whose lives spiraled out of control—largely due to sleep disorders?” Widely acclaimed physician, oncologist and homeopath, James W. Forsythe, M.D. & H.M.D., tackles timeless and vital questions regarding these integral real-life mysteries, plus how you can receive the best, cutting-edge help for such problems. Perhaps best of all, even for those without such difficulties, Forsythe shoots down the many myths and mysteries of sleep, enabling you to find and enjoy a personal pathway to eliminate stress, promote healing and improve the overall quality of your life.


“ I have said for years that the world needs to hear what Dr. Jim Forsythe has to say about the wisdom of incorporating natural remedies in our own personal health regimens. His information in this book is an invaluable tool in empowering each one of us to take control of our own well being”
-Burton Goldberg, The Voice of Alternative Medicine

“ When a physician like Jim Forsythe recommends a natural remedy you can trust that decision. He has served so many so well by treating disease with common sense and compassion. Dr. Forsythe is a trusted voice in our community”
- Kenny Guinn, Former Governor of the State of Nevada




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